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Taught in live in  North and South Carolina. These workshops are unique and cutting edge.  We also offer online or phone coaching for individuals who can not attend local events or who live out of state. 

The L.E.A.N Difference
  • More than just good nutrition
  • Provides multiple benefits
  • Provides parent education
  • Shows how healthy can be SIMPLE and FUN
  • Backed by science and clinical studies
  • Developed and crafted in collaboration with one of the most trusted medical physicians in the world Dr. William Sears.

L.E.A.N Expectations - A comprehensive wellness program for expecting and nursing women
  • Taught in 3 workshops that are 2 hours long
  • Prepare RIGHT Now                       
  • Explains the stages of pregnancy and what you can do to make the healthiest womb environment possible
  • Incorporates physical and mental exercises to relieve stress, help with a faster and easier delivery and recovery
  • Combines emotional,  nutritional, and physical tips designed in collaboration with Dr. Bill Sear's and Martha Sears, R.N. the most trusted pediatrician and a leading breastfeeding and childbirth educator 
  • Eat RIGHT Now
  • Eating for two and healthy weight gain and what that means!
  • How to protect your baby from harmful foods and environmental toxins
  • What are healthy alternatives and needed foods
  • Live RIGHT Now
  • How to create a strong and lasting bond that fosters a harmonious lifelong relationship with your child
  • Which decisions are most important to make early on (breast feeding, sleeping arrangements, roles, etc.)
  • How to redefine your relationship with your spouse and care for yourself!
L.E.A.N Start - A complete wellness program for caregivers with children aged 3-12
  • Taught over 6 weeks in 1 hour fun and comprehensive increments
  • Provides interactive education that helps empower parents and caregivers to raise happy, healthy children
  • Real tips, shopping lists, and examples
  • Addresses obesity, disease prevention, wellness, learning, behavior, attitude, concentration, performance, self-esteem, and instilling healthy habits and what we can do to affect them
  • What food manufacturers ARE NOT telling you and don't want you to know

L.E.A.N Essentials - A condensed version of L.E.A.N Start into a two hour workshop

  • Ideal for those who needed a quick workshop on the basics
  • Great for moms playgroups, parent groups, schools, stores, offices, hospitals that want to offer a workshop that is in one session

Prime-Time Health  - For those 50 and up who want to enjoy the second half of life!

  • Taught in (4) 1 hour workshops that help add years to your life and life to your years!
  • How to open your internal pharmacy
  • Make HEALTH their hobby
  • Move WASTE from your WAISTE
  • Live WITHOUT Pain and Inflammation

Workplace Wellness Solutions - Designed to help organizations promote and invest in their talent.

  • Shown to help attract and retain your talent
  • Wellness Programs = Savings - for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs, employers receive a return on investment of three to six dollars
  • Healthy employees correlate to improved productivity, less sick days, better concentration, focus, alertness, and morale

One-on-One Health Coaching Sessions - Fully customizable both in time and content

  • Partner to help empower you to live the healthiest life possible
  • Help you develop your health goals and keep you accountable to them
  • Simplify and streamline all the information out there as to what is "healthy" as well as what is "toxic"

Take Me Shopping - It's Field trip time!

  • Work with you to develop shopping lists and meals plans
  • How to shorten your shopping experience and cut down on your grocery bill
  • How to decipher marketing and labels that confuse and embellish the consumer

Pantry Make-over - Eat this, not that

  • Take out wasteful food that is adding to your waisteline and grocery bill
  • Eliminate from your home what may be causing unneeded illnesses and behavior issues
  • How to have staples and healthy foods on hand that will keep meal preparation to a minimum

Recipe Make-Over - Bring out your own inner gourmet chef

  • Uncover toxic ingredients looming in your food
  • Review your favorite meals and tastes and find healthier substitutions to enjoy
  • Find the foods that have the nutrients that your body needs most

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Upcoming Schedule of Events

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01/16/2014 12:00pm Lean Essentials Lunch and Learn at 6401 Carmel Road Suite 209
02/06/2014 12:00pm Learn Essentials Lunch and Learn at 6401 Carmel Road Suite 209
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